Yard Work & Storage

Located in 20 Gul Way, we are fifteen miuntes away from the main project port in Singapore, Jurong Port. With a size of 30, 000 sq ft, we have the flexibility to store bulky cargo and at the same time to stuff OOG cargo into Flatracks or Open Tops using any types/sizes of mobile cranes.

In additonal to the usage of cranes, our yard are equipped with heavy duty forklift to handle machineries that are dense and bulky. This eliminate the needs to engage in unneccessary charges such as lorry crane loading/unloading.





Covered Storage

Located in 22 Pioneer Sector 2, with 25, 000 sq ft , our warehouse is located in CWT container depot. This makes collection of container easy with convinient. Beside our good locations, the warehouse is ramped up and comes with 8 loading bay for stuffing and unstuffing.

The warehouse are equipped with equipments cater for loading/unloading of long length cargo. (this equipments are used so as there are minimal/no damage to the container during loading and unloading. In additional to our special equipment we are blessed with the range of forklift from 3 ton till 12 ton forklift to cater for most kind/types of cargo. Our integration means one stop logistic is just a call away. Picking up the cargo in loose, delivery to our warehouse, while collecting empty container. Stuffed the container and off it goes to port.

Beside 22 Pioneer Sector, we have a warehouse in 1 Sunivew Road, @ Eco Tech, for itemize/pick and go storage.

Feel free to disucss with any of our sales team for more informations :