Exhibition and Events

Events Logistics Consultation 

The events division of Herulces Project Logistics Pte Ltd have been relatively active since the establishment of the company. Hercules Project Logistics Pte Ltd is the currently acting as the cheif logistics consultant for Singapore Grand Prix - Formula One since 2009. Hercules Project Logistics Pte Ltd is been proud to be involve in the global prestige event for almost a decade. In 2016, Hercules Project Logistics is proud to be the logisitcs support for the F1 concerts, with global phenomenon like Queen (with Adam Lambert) and Kylie Minogue to grace the stage.

Our strength and event knowledge had brought us to new height. By 2017,we have participated in numerous logistics events; Jay Chou "The Invincible" Singapore 2016, Jay Chou Singapore and KL tour 2014, May Day "Just Rock It" 2016, Jolin Tsai "Play World Tour" 2015, Drum Tao 2015, Singapore Youth Festival 2016, Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts @ Esplanade 2016, Sir Elton John "All The Hits Tour" @ Star Theatre 2015, Blue Man Group 2016" 2016 World Tour" @ Marina Bay Sands, "Nine Prince" Chinese Festival annually and regularly participating in the nation proud One Figh Club aka ONE FC,.


Art & Exhibitions 

Masterpiece and painting requires meticulous planning and efforts for clearance and transportation. Example; Oil Painting from Europe to Singapore for exhibition, art piece got have to be carefully pack, and due to drastic climate different, the freight transported to Singapore will be different too.

We are proud to be invlove in some of the showcase for LG, Lifes' Good in HDB.

Hercules Project Logistics Pte Ltd offers professional advices on how to set up , clearance and freighting artpieces, display to show site.




ATA Carnet applications

For any piece of exhibitions, event or art work that requires travelling and display globally, requires the work to be at the destination to arrive in place in a timely fashion. However different countries does have different application or culture for their custom clearances. Do get in touch with our team for advice and guidethrough on the application of ATA carnet for your exhibition display.

Let us to the logistics work, let your artwork grace the world!