Company Profile

Being one of the most successful project Logsitics service providers, Hercules Project Logistics goes beyond the expected customary customer services by extending free consolation on the facilitation of our clients anticipated logistics arrangement.
Our mission is to meet 100% of our client’s logistics needs, our services are tailored to our clients' needs. Regardless of warehousing , transportation , freight, custom clearances or project services. Hercules Project Logistics Pte Ltd are more than ready to meet and overcome the challenge ahead.

Our motto: "Delivery always on time". This motto has been instilled since the first day of our operations.
The unpredictability of the logistics market had minimum influnces on Hercules Project Logistics. Our team has very strict values such as sales and work enthics, Hercules Project Logistics Pte Ltd, Honour our promises, Excelled as a team, Resilient from difficult conditions, Consistence in our performance, Upskill our team , Loyal to our client , Efficient in our work, Safety is in our blood.

This values are not merely written in our portfolios for show, but are genuinely carried out by our staff to win credibiltiy from our client.

Our efforts have not gone unoticed, we are nominated and won the rights to be presented in the class of 2016 for TOP SME 100.

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